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Take Offense "United States Of Minds"

Established in 2005, Take Offense has never been ones to rest on their laurels, and after a handful of EPs, 2011's landmark full-length "Tables Will Turn," and a hell of a lot of time on the road with stalwarts such as Terror, Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack, Alpha & Omega and Rotting Out, the band are set to unleash their latest magnum opus, "United States Of Mind," on the mighty Reaper Records. Though Take Offense is at a point in their lifespan when many bands shrug their shoulders and crank out halfhearted riffs and reheated lyrics, "United States Of Mind" proves the group has the stamina and creativity to push their sound forward without losing touch with their roots. In short, Take Offense is one of the most engaging hardcore bands to emerge in recent years, and lucky for all of us, they don't appear to be going anywhere. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:
01. United States Of Mind
02. Place Your Bet
03. Ascended Master
04. Criminals
05. I'll Smoke You (One Step Ahead)
06. No Room
07. Pain Talks
08. Without You
09. Broke & Infamous
10. When Death Comes Near