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Academy Order “The Devil Spoke”


Academy Order is a punk/death rock outfit formed in Philadelphia in 2021. They released a six song EP entitled “To Wilt Without Shame” via Denver’s Convulse Records that same winter which was very well-received, sold out of press, and was subsequently re-issued by Protagonist. The group blends punk, death rock, and new wave that calls to mind Christian Death, 45 Grave, and Clan of Xymox, with touches of early Oi and hardcore such as Blitz and TSOL. Here they have returned with “The Devil Spoke" which captures their continued growth and strong focus on demanding and infectious songwriting, while teasing listeners for what is yet to come...

Track Listing:
01. The Devil Spoke
02. Death in the American South
03. Perennial Sun (Ccassette Exclusive Track)