"Sunbather" Typeface - Deathwish Inc

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"Sunbather" Typeface

  • Sunbather is a ‘beyond high contrast’ typeface originally designed by Nick Steinhardt for the now iconic 2013 Deafheaven album cover of the same name.

    Referencing early 20th century experiments by Swiss typographer Jan Tschichold, Sunbather challenges your eye to infer what isn’t there. Sinewy curves meet sharp serifs to entrance the viewer’s gaze.

    The regular weight stays true to the original font, while an added lowercase, diacritics, and stylistic alternates allow you to change terminal shapes or add in serifs that were purposefully omitted in the original.

    Two new masters were drawn and interpolated from, a delicate ‘thin’ and a newly redrawn sturdy ‘black’ comprising a range of seven weights.