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Observed / Observer


Zao "Pyrrhic Victory"


Pyrrhic Victory is the third release on Zao’s Observed/Observer Recordings label (and the band’s 12th overall). Coming less than year after their critically acclaimed 2016 release The Well-Intentioned Virus and recorded at the same sessions, Pyrrhic Victory finds the band in a slightly more “direct/to the point” mode. Conceived as an EP from the start and not merely a collection of “B-sides”. The track Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams was previously released in a slightly different mix through Decibel Magazine’s Flexi-Disc series.

Track Listing:
01. Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams
02. Gifts Of Flowers And Stone
03. Clawing, Clawing, Never Cutting Through
04. The Host Has Bared Its Teeth
05. Feed It Pain