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Year Of The Knife "Internal Incarceration"


By its very nature, hardcore is a conduit for channeling frustration, aggression, and discontent into musical form. But for Delaware-based five-piece Year Of The Knife, that process is so much more than just a simple release. The band's debut full-length, "Internal Incarceration," is a profound reaction to the very real losses and the challenges of the world around them, and a way to turn that discontent into community, compassion, and change. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track List:
01. This Time
02. Virtual Narcotic
03. Stay Away
04. Manipulation Artist
05. Final Tears
06. Internal Incarceration
07. Premonitions of You
08. Through The Eyes
09. Sick Statistic
10. Eviction
11. Nothing To Nobody
12. Get It Out
13. DDM