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Wreathe "The Land Is Not An Idle God"

  • The debut 12” from London, UK based crust/hardcore band WREATHE. Featuring members of FALL OF EFRAFA, MORROW, and ARBORICIDIO, Wreathe plays dark, brooding and at times, melodic crust with lyrics that act as a call to arms for the defense of nature. Recommended for fans of early Tragedy, Ekkaia, and From Ashes Rise.

    Much like the Watership Down inspiration for their previous band Fall of Efrafa, the concept, lyrics and artwork for WREATHE are based on 'The Book Of Venym; An Egalitarian Demonology'. Created by vocalist Alex CF (Chronic Fatigue Art), ‘The Book of Venym’ is a call to arms in the defense of nature and against humanities proclivities for violence, told through striking illustrations of benevolent demons and deities.

    Track Listing:
    01. One Hundred Swords Of Righteous Anger
    02. Green Messiah
    03. Enemy Of All Reason
    04. The King Is Risen
    05. The Stumps Are Graves Of The Land
    06. Mother Of All Woe