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Weak "A Guide To Adult Despair"


Formed in 2018 by Fangui (singer & guitarist), Tote (guitarist & vocals), Fon (bassist) and Meri (drums), WEAK is a punk-rock band based in Madrid (SP). You can tell they grew up with NOFX, Lagwagon and No Use for A Name tapes blaring on their Walkmans as their sound could be defined as a passionate homage to the Californaian punk rock bands of the nineties. Their first studio album “The Wheel”, co-released in 2019 by several national and international labels (La Agonía de Vivir, Morning Wood, Bcore, Waterslide...), has led them to tour extensively through Spain and Europe that same year. Later that year, Tote (guitarist & vocals) leaves the band and Diego Martínez (guitarist & vocals) replaces him, closing the line up again shortly after. In 2022 the band recorded their second studio album, “A Guide for Adult Despair”, fully recorded, mixed and mastered at Ultramarinos Costabrava by Santi García and Victor García. The album was released in summer 2022. The band has already been confirmed on acknowledged European festivals such as Tsunami Xixon and is planning their second European tour.

Track Listing:
01. Last Settlers
02. Battle Royale
03. The Tide
04. Riffs & Songs
05. My Friendless Year
06. A Long Year to Regret
07. F.T.A.
08. Lame
09. Not a Regular Love Song