WARSAWWASRAW "Sensitizer" - Deathwish Inc

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WARSAWWASRAW is a blistering avant-thrash / experimental / hardcore punk duo dedicated to cutting the shit and thrashing the hits in the pit.
Operating from the outskirts of Paris, France, the synergistic beast started as a larger coalition, before balance found a way to trim the band and grow it back into a two-headed hydra, its most definitive and efficient form.
This colliding of rough bits and fast, nonrepetitive structures draws from the raw power of rock and underground hardcore punk in their most liberated incarnations, the cold technical outlook of industrial culture, and the free-spirited nature of shamanic tribal music, while ultimately being a necessary expression of the search of meaning through its chaotic reversal.

Sensitizer is the band’s first LP.

Track Listing:
01. Nipplesin
02. Legacide
03. Carbon date-rape
04. Freestrator
05. Deaf Ignition
06. Woodcloth
07. Eyewound
08. Slumber Attendant
09. Hell’s Angles
10. Celestial Blackeye
11. Axed and Relaxed
12. Hollow Cost
13. Vanity Crest
14. Undressed to Kill
15. Spray for Salvation
16. Listen Silent
17. Hidden Ashes