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Graf Orlock "Trailer"


This is the first gorlock release since "Los Angeles" in 2012 and it shows the direction of awesomeness heading into the new full length coming post-summer entitled "Crime Traveller." This record has two long songs on it as well as the titular track "Trailer" by the fabulous actor Kevin Gage (you may remember him from every good movie ever). There are 600 of these and will be available in some permutation on this coming east coast tour otherwise, I would get one now and save yourself the trouble of seeing a bunch of sweaty dudes yell at you for 20 minutes for the cost of a mocha, or whatever the shit you drink on your breaks at whatever data entry job you are "just moonlighting" in.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Trailer: Nursing A Hangover
02. A Decent Proposal in a Shitty Alley