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Thou "Ceremonies Of Humiliation"

Baton RogueÍs apocalyptically heavy sludge bastions Thou are releasing a humongous triple LP set entitled ïCeremonies Of HumiliationÍ, compiling all of the bandÍs material from various split releases over the years through Vitriol Records and Deadtank Records.

In addition to their highly anticipated forthcoming full-length ïHeathenÍ, Thou has this release ïCeremonies Of HumiliationÍ, a collection of all of the bandÍs musical output from split releases prior to the release of their mammoth 2010 opus ïSummitÍ. That means all of ThouÍs contribution to their splits with Black September, Leech, Mohoram Atta, Salome and Haarp are all accounted for in this triple vinyl set.

Track Listing: 
01. Smoke Pigs
02. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
03. The Eyes of the World Are Upon You
04. Fleur du Mal
05. Loneliness Dances in the Gorgon's Stare
06. Don't Vote
07. Shorties with MP40s: The Personal is Political
08. I am the Leviathan
09. Unmasked
10. Here I Stand Head in Hands
11. Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice
12. The Defeatist's Lament
13. The Song of Illuminate Darkness
14. Reprise