Graf Orlock "Los Angeles" - Deathwish Inc

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Graf Orlock "Los Angeles"

This is the most mind-numbing incarnation of Gorlock, true to form, and a rigid adherence to the annoying doctrine of cinemagrind, this 7" rages through four tracks in 10 minutes (curiously the same running time as the 6 Doombox tracks). Complete with requisite "source information", these songs are faster, more complete, and believe it or not, more pissed. This EP ventures further into the "character study" of Los Angeles, focusing on themes as diverse as stilted relationships, getting robbed, and shooting the shit out of downtown for 11 unimpeded minutes, while simultaneously encapsulating the disgusting culture of the mid-90s.

This comes with an insert featuring lyrics and some great artwork courtesy Alan Hunter.

There are 600 copies of this bastard, broken down into three different covers. The covers will have actual me-shot bullets holes in them, so technically, each is a 1/1 because even though i have ridiculously accurate and tight firing patterns, no two are the same. For you wieners trolling discogs, they are all black vinyl.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Dead Man Talking<
02. No Attachments
03. Couple Seeking Comfort/No Point
04. Quick On The Trigger