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Various Artists "The Extermination"


From the same people that brought you TRAPPED UNDER ICE, BACKTRACK, and MINUS, Flatspot Records presents The Extermination 7” compilation: five exclusive songs from BACKTRACK, SOUL SEARCH, SUBURBAN SCUM, TURNSTILE, and KING NINE. Solid compilation from five current hardcore juggernauts. Flatspot records is doing it real big with this one, following the path forged by legendary compilations like The Way It Is, Free For All, and Where The Wild Things Are. The Extermination compilation is a throwback to the golden era of the core.

Track Listing:
01. SUBURBAN SCUM – Beaten From Birth
02. BACKTRACK – Boiled In My Blood
03. TURNSTILE – Figure It Out
04. SOUL SEARCH – Burning
05. KING NINE – No Dreams