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Patient Zero


Various Artists "Spreading The Infection"


The debut release from Patient Zero Records comes hard with four up-and-coming bands in the scene, three states, and a roller coaster ride of brutality. The compilation features Silence Equals Death from NJ, who follow up their full-length debut on Eulogy Records "End Times" with a blistering track in the form of "Plague". While the Broken from Albany, NY featuring members of Albany lore such as Straight Jacket, and Wasteform come hard with "Run". Upstate New York's Panzram spread the angst and utter contempt for the world they live in with "The White Horse" and to put the cherry on top...One Less Scumbag from New Hampshire drops the knockout blow with "My Homicide Girl" promising the true beatdown mentality not for the weak. Featuring current members of Merauder.

Track Listing: 
01. Silence Equals Death - Plague 
02. The Broken - Run 
03. Panzram - The White Horsse 
04. One Less Scumbag - My Homicide Girl