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Triple B


Various Artists "America's Hardcore Volume 5"


Track Listing:
01. Ammunation "Truth & Facts"
02. Never Ending Game "Dreamin Red"
03. Inclination "Fruition"
04. Firewalker "Forever"
05. Dead Last "Pain in the Game"
06. Regional Justice Center "Life's Work"
07. Profile "Set the Tone"
08. BIB "Healing Room"
09. Division of Mind "8:7"
10. Fuming Mouth "They Take What They Please"
11. Be All End All "Kiss It Goodbye"
12. Be All End All "Supremacy"
13. Magnitude "Light At The End"
14. Result of Choice "Greenwashed"
15. Final Gasp "Botched Ritual"
16. Dead Heat "The Hard Reset"
17. Memory Screen "Days of Heaven"
18. Rule Them All "CO"
19. Pummel "The One"
20. Terror "Pain Is Forever"
21. Life's Question "World Keeps Turning"
22. Maniac "Forever Onto Annihilation"
23. Combust "Pull the Hammer"
24. Anxious "The Long Spring"
25. Eyes of the Lord "Kind or Cruel"
26. CA Coyotes "Assembly Line"
27. Vantage Point "Swear"
28. The Fight "We Will Never Learn"
29. Open City "Wolf"
30. Wound Man "Pull"
31. Worn "Systematic Seed"
32. Mindforce "Reign of Terror"
33. No Right "Exempt"
34. Almighty Watching "The Absolute"
35. No Pressure "Bed of Nails"
36. Restraining Order "Keep on Running"
37. Sunami "I Don't Care"
38. The Answer "Since Birth"
39. Citizen "Let Me Out"