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USA Nails "Life Cinema"


London based USA Nails have released their fourth album ""Life Cinema"" through Hex Records in the US. USA Nails have weaved together their no-wave, post-punk and noise rock tendencies to create something entirely unique. “Life Cinema” is a clear step forward artistically, but is still full of the vigor and intent for which they are renowned.

If you're into stuff like Wire, The Fall, Devo, Pissed Jeans, and early Sonic Youth then there's a good chance you'll enjoy USA Nails.

Track Listing: 
01. Smile
02. Creative Industries
03. Life Cinema
04. Man Act
05. You Wish
06. Microphone
07. It's Ordinary
08. A Fair Nickel
09. Work Drinks
10. Little Does He Know
11. A Sense Of Self Will Always limit You
12. Life Cinema Reprise