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Triple B


Freedom "USA Hardcore"


Freedom is a hardcore band from Detroit, MI who have been putting out compact, heavy releases. USA Hardcore is their debut full length on Triple B Records.

Each song is a compact package of hardcore aggression and grime. Freedom offers no frills on the record, not relying on gimmicky or hype bullshit to deliver full songs. They're important in this sense, in a genre filled to the brim with fluff they come out of the gate to play timeless punk. Songs like "Pride & Loyalty" provide bounce and excitement for you to two-step the night away. You can probably finish the record in the time it takes for you to get ready in the morning, but you're going to want to keep playing it over and over as soon as its done. Freedom is tough as hell, and U.S.A. Hardcore is a testament to what it takes to write solid, concise music. -Noisey

Track Listing:
1. On the Front Line
2. Pride & Loyalty
3. Military Issue
4. Anti-Poison
5. My Stance
6. Age of Unrest
7. Slam II
8. Song and Dance
9. The End
10. Debt Not Repaid
11. In the Night