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Tranzmitors "Tranzmitors"


With several releases spanning such fine labels as Deranged, La Ti Da, Seeing Eye, Ugly Pop, Dirtnap, and Meaty Beaty, The Tranzmitors are back with a new single on React! Together since 2005 this Vancouver band is the perfect answer to anyone looking for songs with the astute hooks of Elvis Costello’s “This Year’s Model” and the punk virility of the Buzzocks. Like the Cute Lepers and the sorely missed Exploding Hearts, The Tranzmitors have the kind of timelessness that makes you want to forget about any punk records made after 1980. Err, except for this one. I listened to this EP multiple times every day for two months straight so I can vouch for how awesome it is. Every copy will come with a free digital download.

Track Listing:
01. I See The Writing On The Wall
02. Dream Our Dreams Away