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Transit Method "We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive"


Following two self-released EPs, Austin, TX power trio TRANSIT METHOD storm out of the proverbial gates with their debut full-length, We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive. The group’s adventurous compositions are soaked with sharp riffs , fiery guitar leads, galloping bass grooves and bombastic drumming complemented by soaring vocals that sound like Geddy Lee fronting a grunge band. Equal parts headbang and heady, they're as adept at pummeling with riffs as enveloping the listener in otherworldly soundscapes. While wearing their eclectic influences of Rush, Motorhead, Baroness and Jane's Addiction proudly on their sleeve, TRANSIT METHOD still manage to create a sound that is wholly their own. Vibrant, trippy artwork by Jaime Zuverza hints at the kaleidoscope of sounds found throughout We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive.

Track Listing:
01. Snake Wine
02. Beside Moonlight
03. One More Beyond Need
04. Constriction
05. Cloud Zeppelin
06. Parasight
07. Worlds Apart
08. Clones
09. Outlaw By Disguise