Tragedy "Fury" - Deathwish Inc

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Self Released


Tragedy "Fury"


Six new Tragedy songs on a 45 rpm 12” with a "tip-on" vintage style jacket that comes printed in either blue or red. The songs are less metallic than “Darker Days Ahead” and more reminiscent of Tragedy’s classic dark melodic sound. For fans of Tragedy. Members of Tragedy have also played with His Hero Is Gone, Trauma, Union of Uranus, Severed Head of State, Deaththreat, Copout, Call the Police, Criminal Damage, Warcry, and From Ashes Rise (plus tons more).

Track Listing: 
01. Leviathan 
02. Enter the Void 
03. Kick and Scream 
04. Fury 
05. Swallow the Pill 
06. A Life Entombed