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Touche Amore "Live on BBC Radio 1"

Since their inception, Touche Amore have toured relentlessly, playing their brand of emotional hardcore/punk everywhere from dingy basements to sprawling arenas. While traveling in the UK in 2011, they were invited to record at the legendary BBC Studios for "The Punk Show" with host Mike Davies. Being the music fanatics they are, Touche Amore excitedly accepted the offer. There they worked with acclaimed engineer Simon Askew (Pulp, PJ Harvey, Foo Fighters) during a half day of recording. With a trophy resume like that, you would think that Touche Amore would be presented here in a polished state, but the contrary is true. Here we experience four of their well known anthems in their most stripped down, road worn state.

Track Listing:
01. ~ (BBC Live Version)
02. Home Away From Here (BBC Live Version)
03. I'll Deserve Just That (BBC Live Version)
04. Amends (BBC Live Version)

First Press:
200 - Clear
300 - Transparent Purple
700 - Transparent Orange
1500 - Transparent Blue
2300 - White