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Donovan Wolfington "How To Treat The Ones You Love"


It's fun to watch a band be in such effortless and complete control of their sound and aesthetic as Donovan Wolfington is right now. This new album is a banger of riffs and hooks that sees the band meander from playfully introspective to downright dark over the course of its 13 songs. Cassette released on Community Records. For fans of Joyce Manor, Ovlov, Beach Slang or Desaparecidos.

Track Listing:
01. Ollie North
02. Basalisk
03. Mercurus
04. Hxc Punk
05. Slow Loris
06. Locust
07. Mosquito
08. John Cena
09. Rhonda
10. Solo Cup
11. Hershel Tuesday
12. Manchac
13. Sadhead