Pianos Become The Teeth "Old Pride" - Deathwish Inc

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Pianos Become The Teeth "Old Pride"

Pianos Become The Teeth has a melodic, yet uncompromising, sound that brings to mind such diverse and influential bands as Thursday, Envy and City Of Caterpillar. Breathing with sincerity and brandishing an experimental ambiance, the band is pushing beyond the boundaries of a stale genre. Mixing elements of screamo, hardcore as well as post-rock, "Old Pride" breathes new life into a once decaying scene. Now available on colored vinyl with a 33" x 22" poster. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:
01. Filial
02. Quit Benefit
03. Sleepshaker
04. Prev
05. Pensive
06. Cripples Can't Shiver
07. Jess And Charlie
08. Young Fire