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Tomb Mold "Manor Of Infinite Forms"


Bubbling up from the oozing sewers of Toronto like a bizarre insectoid of mutant genotype, Tomb Mold reanimates with their second album, and first for 20 Buck Spin, ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’. Constructing monumental towers of obscure shape, jarring yet coherent, Tomb Mold compositions evoke a distorted world alongside our own where all manner of oddity and peculiarity are permitted.

Songs on ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’ move in strange ways, recklessly contorting into cohesion until suddenly they’re proceeding with a force and purpose in perfect synchronicity to the universe that contains them. Disharmoniously melding the pulverizing heaviness of Finnish Death Metal with a never overbearing striking technicality, Tomb Mold careen through world after world of alien landscape with formidable singularity.

Tracked in Toronto ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’ then landed in the hands of Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Pissgrave, Code Orange) to achieve its organically huge mix. A remarkable puzzle of an album, ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’ constitutes a creative high point for 2018’s many strong Death Metal releases.

Track Listing: 
01. Manor Of Infinite Forms 
02. Blood Mirror 
03. Abysswalker 
04. Final Struggle Of Selves 
05. Gored Embrace (Confronting Biodegradation) 
06. Chamber Of Sacred Ootheca 
07. Two Worlds Become One