Moment "Thick And Unwieldy From All Our Layers" - Deathwish Inc

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Tor Johnson


Moment "Thick And Unwieldy From All Our Layers"


There is so much I could write about this release. The planning process for this began in 2012. After multiple speed bumps, its finally here. Moment was a Boston area band that existed from the late 1990s-early 2000s. They played all over New England from VFW halls to basements to bigger/more legit venues. This release is everything they ever recorded, ever. This band was well before their time musically. Comes housed in packaging that would make any 90s kid fall in love: letter-pressed & silk screened chipboard packaging, beautiful embossed & hand-folded inserts, and even more!

Track Listing:
01. Thick And Unwieldy From All Our Layers
02. So Well-Read Overfed
03. Ed Bah And Beyond
04. Autopilot
05. Thirty-Three Then
06. Shingles
07. How I've Been Lately
08. A History Of Abuse
09. Half-Cab
10. Red Army Attack
11. Murder Murder
12. Endall
13. Dead Starry Eyes
14. Lights Camera Die
15. Aramark
16. Shirts And Skins
17. Laranka
18. Stop And Shoplift
19. My Lunchbox Contains The End Of Your Life
20. To Cancer
21. World's Worst Couple
22. Trainer
23. Bottlerocket
24. Foam 'n Mesh
25. To Cancer *demo version
26. Bottlerocket *demo version
27. untitled *demo version