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Timelost "Gushing Interest"


Born out of frustration and friendship, Timelost is a euphoric and genre-bending Rock project that was started in the summer of 2017 by Shane Handal and Grzesiek Czapla. Self-proclaimed as “Grungegaze”, their unique sound is rooted in the alternative experiments of the early 90s and propelled forward through decades of innovation, gaining force along the way.

Although initially a file-sharing effort from a thousand miles apart, Timelost has evolved into a dedicated project, swarming with resonant vocal melodies, devastating guitar riffs, and a driving rhythm section. Based in Philadelphia, two more members were added and their debut album was released world-wide in the Fall of 2019.

2020 started with a two week tour of the entire east coast of the US, with the rest of the years’ tour plans cancelled shortly after due to COVID-19. However, the band has stayed busy finishing up their follow-up album, “Gushing Interest.” Even in a time of major uncertainty, the band has teamed up with Church Road Records for a world wide release of their new album for February 2021. Now, only time will tell when they will be able to hit the road and start performing live again. Wear a mask.

Track Listing: 
01. Better Than Bedbugs
02. Deep End of the Cut
03. Alone, Clean, and Slow
04. Your Ghost Will Be Happy
05. T.K.O
06. Love My Way