Throw Me Off The Bridge "May Flowers" - Deathwish Inc

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Throw Me Off The Bridge "May Flowers"


A bridge hanging over a torrent of raw emotions, where the purity of folk meets the intensity of post-hardcore. Goosebumps rushing down your spine, emotions clutching your stomach and tears lurking in the corner of your eyes: Throw Me Of The Bridge’s live shows will not leave you unaffected, as if you had just born witness to somebody’s life in fast forward. The fragility of fingerpicked melodies and of vocal chords on the brink of snapping only magnifies the punch of this project. Starting in his very childhood, Quentin Sauvé, strong believer in the DIY way of life, draws his fervor from 15 years of involvement in the heavy music scene, and managed to strip it down expertly to the six strings of a folk guitar. A music full of shades, alternating between quietude mirages and increasing violence. Equally serene in the intimacy of a dimly lit house show or on a festival stage, Throw Me Off The Bridge already boasts over 300 shows all over the world. From Italy to Brisbane, from Tokyo to the Czech Republic, this torrent of emo-folk will take you to the edge, to experience salutary vertigo.

Track Listing: 
01. Dead Space 
02. Way Out