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The Rodeo Idiot Engine "Malaise"


Bayonne-based quintet THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have been nothing but unstoppable since their very first steps in 2009, tirelessly sculpting a signature sound torn between the most abrasive sides of chaotic hardcore, post-metal or screamo. After gaining a growing reputation all over Europe due to their 250 staggering, seizure-inducing live shows, the band returned to Amaury Sauv_'s studio in Laval during summer 2015 to track ‚Malaiseé, their third full-length and follow-up to 2013's ‚Consequencesé.

While most acts tend to soften with age, the band's work has only become darker over the years. Opener "Le Parfum" sets the tone, with merciless, spasmodic rhythms morphing into bleak, slow-paced heaviness and emotionally-charged vocals screamed to the breaking point. From the straight-up barrage of grinding yet melodic tracks ("Carrying Icons", "Final Relief") to more downtempo, menacing ones ("Syngue Sabour", "Thousand Of Nails"), ‚Malaiseé is a dense album with rich atmospheres and structures. On these nine tracks THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE's trademark sound has turned more expressive, resulting in nothing but the band's strongest material to date.

Track Listing:
01. Le Parfum
02. Carrying Icons
03. Passing Daemons
04. Syngue Sabour
05. Je Me Noierai
06. Ildoak
07. Makurrak
08. Final Relief
09. Thousand Of Nails