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No Omega "Shame"

No Omega is hopeless and heartbreaking doomsday hardcore punk. Since their forming in 2010, No Omega have been working hard on creating a sound that's both vibrant and melancholic. The idea of No Omega is to fuse a furious hardcore sound with a sludgier, more dark, melodic and resolute post-metal sound. No Omega always aim at writing something new; something that doesn't sound like everything else. The guitars are heavy, the vocals are filled with power and emotion, and the drums shift between straight up thrash/punk to lumbering and brooding metal. A lot has happened since 2010 and the band has managed to form a pretty solid foundation to build upon. Both the music and the lyrics are more experienced. It's a lot more polished and finished in a fashion. The love for experimenting is still there. The love for expressing angst and fixating on the darker and more negative aspects of life and of our species is still there. The love for heavy and melodic post/modern hardcore is still there. 2013 will be a year of constant touring and taking No Omega to the next level.

Track Listing: 
01. Earth Stands Still
02. Vacants
03. Sleeping In
04. Below
05. Woodlands Pt.1
06. Utopianist
07. Dirt Hands
08. Enigma
09. V (Control)
10. A Man Reprieved
11. Woodlands Pt.2
12. Shame (Bonus Track)