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The Promise "Believer"

The Promise featured ex-members of Sante Sangre, Another Victim, Turmoil, One King Down, Earth Crisis, Starkweather, and Conviction.  After the release of their "My True Love" EP, the band partnered with Indecision to release their debut album "Believer" on CD, while Deathwish released this vinyl version of the album.

Track Listing:
01. The Kiss Of
02. Washed Up
03. Comeback
04. Believer
05. Tempered
06. Dead Mans Band
07. The Unwanted
08. Pity For None
09. No Heroes
10. Eyes Wide Shut
11. What I Have
12. No Way Out
13. Gone Sour

Test Press:

First Press:
100 - Clear
900 - Clear Red