The Nation of Ulysses "Plays Pretty for Baby" - Deathwish Inc

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The Nation of Ulysses "Plays Pretty for Baby"


Nation of Ulysses second full-length record, released in 1992. This 12" LP was re-cut and re-issued in September 2009.

Track Listing:
01. N-Sub Ulysses
02. A Comment On Ritual
03. The Hickey Underworld
04. Perpetual Motion Machine
05. N.O.U. Future-Vision Hypothesis
06. 50,000 Watts Of Goodwill
07. Maniac Dragstrip
08. Last Train To Cool
09. Shakedown
10. Mockingbird, Yeah!
11. Depression III
12. S.S. Exploder
13. The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm
14. The Sound of Jazz To Come
15. N.O.U.S.P.T.D.A.
16. Presidents of Vice