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The Funeral "Discography 2001 - 2004"


A collection of everything ever recorded from Syracuse hardcore band The Funeral. The group existed between 2001-2004 and recorded two full lengths, and several demos. This material has never been released on vinyl and some of it only existed as short run CDRs or cassettes. All the material has been remastered for this collection and comes on a double LP in a gatefold jacket, complete with hundreds of pictures and flyers, as well as a booklet detailing lyrics, shows, and an oral history of the band. Download card included.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Silent Weapons
02. Our Captain
03. Alive and Well
04. More Cocktails Sire'
05. The End Of Everything
06. Therapy
07. Separation Anxiety
08. Razor Finger
09. A Matter Of Time
10. It Wasn't Me, It Was the Dog
11. Ruled By None
12. The National Convention
13. Judge Me (Infest)
14. A Matter Of Time (demo)
15. More Cocktails Sire' (demo)
16. Death Mountain/ Dr. Colossus
17. The Great Analyst
18. Testing An Injury
19. Without a Sound
20. Haley
21. 1945
22. History
23. Honesty
24. Run To the Horizon Line
25. Business
26. Knox Harrington
27. The Doctor Is In
28. The National Convention (demo)
29. Separation Anxiety (demo)
30. It Wasn't Me, It Was the Dog (demo)