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Sabertooth Zombie "Midnight Venom"


If youÍve been following Sabertooth Zombie since their initial demo dropped in 2004, youÍve been carrying around blue balls for two years. The wait was worth it. Instead of throwing a bunch of tracks as an excuse to have a higher price, and an excuse for a longer set, what we have here is a genuine full length. The tracks flow together. Midnight Venom sounds like the boys of the North Bay put a conscious effort into the arrangement of songs.

Hell, thereÍs even an instrumental interlude, titled ïInterludeÍ, with echoing guitar notes. Unlike most punk bands that just make songs, Sabertooth Zombie writes songs that create atmosphere, not an atmosphere IÍd like to live in, but one IÍd like to dip into often.

Track Listing: 
01. D.O.A.
02. Shoes
03. Decayed Decade
04. Flee Creep And Cheat
05. Automatic Minds
06. Fragments
07. The Gallows
08. Black Of Mouth
09. Interlude
10. Rotten
11. I'm Fucking Disgusted
12. Self Mouth
13. Seven Swords
14. Get Bent
15. Live In Hell Rot In Dirt
16. Lady Death
17. Giant
18. Rat Bones