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Terror & Ringworm "Dead Man's Hand: 2"

"Dead Man's Hand" was a split 7"EP series launched by Deathwish in 2003. Built around the card suits (Aces, Spades, Clubs, etc) the series was meant to showcase what we felt were the best hardcore bands of the day. All releases featured complex diecut covers designed by J. Bannon (Converge). Three of the four planned splits were released, however the fourth never materialized, and the project shelved.Β 

"Dead Man's Hand: 2" paired Terror and Ringworm together. At the time of the release, Terror were new to the scene, but already making huge waves. Ringworm were already established legends, responsible for influencing countless bands.

Test Press:

First Press:
500 - Orange
500 - Clear Red
1500 - Clear
1500 - White

Second Press:
350 - Blue (w/ uncut covers)
625 - White
625 - Coke Bottle Clear