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Abest "Asylum"


The music of Abest from Northern Germany sounds as if the four boys at their tender age were shattered by this dark and evil world or have at least been severely disappointed by it. The term ‹bleakñ almost isn't enough to describe the musical black hole of happiness theyÍre creating. Their first full length "Asylum" is like a wrecking ball, slowly but steadily hovering towards the torn and rotten walls of civilisation. Abest are blurring the lines between atmospheric post-metal and bleak hardcore to create a dark and pounding emotional atmosphere: dissonant soundscape-like toothache parts, doom parts, arcs of suspension that eventually collapse and apocalyptic vibes which Neurosis couldnÍt have done any better.In short: this is not for the faint of heart. Not because youÍre imagining four lumberjacks with the looks of Scott Kelly, who„if not done themselves„have seen every single horrible thing on this planet. You wouldnÍt expect Abest's four cute rascals, who would rather than to terrify you, arouse the smugness of parents„according to the motto: ‹Are they even allowed to do that?""Asylum" was released in May 2014 via This Charming Man Records, home of bands like The Tidal Sleep, Messer and FjÀrt.

Track Listing:  
01. Nebel
02. Oubliette
03. Grau
04. Asylum
05. Vessel
06. Shiver
07. Monolog