Fjort "D'accord" - Deathwish Inc

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Fjort "D'accord"


The ten new songs on "D'accord" add the already established FJøRT backbone now yet a further dimension to - interlace, stack, experiment and devastate, with an incredible range and variety. FJøRT can quietly and loudly, but also epic and short & crisp. You play with the elements found on a Turbostaat or Pascow plate and on a piano Become The Teeth-disk space. And the exciting thing is that there are not hard horny sounds!

If you want to think in drawers, then I say it this way: The here Hardcore plate for the actual punk fan could not because the song builds the bridge. Vocally this is perhaps evoking the right pissed Jan von Turbostaat the gloomy to a Tidal Sleep-like soundtrack images. Somewhere between early Escapado, to The Wave bands and gloomy post-rock!

Track Listing: 
01. D'accord
02. Schnaiserkitt
03. Valhalla
04. Von welt
05. Hallo zukunft
06. FÙr elise
07. Gescholten
08. Fauxpas
09. Atoll
10. Passepartout