Blank "Suspiria" - Deathwish Inc

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Blank "Suspiria"


After an excellent intro Blank are going right at it _ and 'it' is menacing, wicked, dark, nhilistic and fucked up. The atmosphere to this record is seriously grim. Descibing their sound is not easy though: it's heavy without being Metal, slow without being Doom, but also far from ordinary Crustpunk, because there's way too much happening and the tempo doesn't fit. A cathartic juggernaut indeed! So dark and black that I'm almost glad that this 12" only contains 4 songs. In terms of quality Blank can keep up with top-notch bands like Birds In Row, Oathbreaker or Rise & Fall. This kind of music is usually referred to as 'Blackened Crust', and as much as I hate invented genres it's really fitting in this case. Besides Jungbluth Blank are the best and most interesting contemporary German band playing this style...and that says a lot!

Track Listing:Β 
01. Unholy Days
02. Licht und Eisen
03. Shield
04. Society of Glass