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Sweat Lodge "Talismana"


Repress of Sweat Lodge's debut full-length, originally released on Ripple Music! Talismana tackles the ponderous concept of man finding his place in the universe and the many physical and spiritual hurdles one faces in the process. In using the concept of the talisman as protection against evil and vice as well as a catalyst for change in the self and society as a whole, frontman Lee uses his songs as a platform to address the metaphysical and psychological plight of modern man through the lens of ancient wisdom and magical practice. Much like the ceremonial lodge which inspired their name, the music of Sweat Lodge offers enlightenment and purification to those who can stand the heat.

Track Listing:
01. Tramplifier
02. Bed of Ashes
03. Slow Burn
04. Phoenix Ascent
05. Talismana
06. Black Horizon
07. Boogie Bride
08. Heavy Head
09. Banshee Call