Survival Method "Reality Blurred" - Deathwish Inc

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Life To Live


Survival Method "Reality Blurred"


The Texas hardcore / punk / metal scene is a breeding ground for some of the most intense and innovative sub culture music. If there is a template for fast, heavy, aggressive hard core music, Texas bands have continuously pushed that template to its most extreme level. Dallas / Ft. Worth's SURVIVAL METHOD is no different. Playing their brand of fast abrasive Hard Core music, Survival Method take cues from the likes of NYHC greats Leeway and Killing Time and meld that with fast metallic riffing to create their 5 track debut EP 'REALITY BLURRED'.

Track Listing:
01. Method Of Power
02. The Cycle Continues
03. Total Extinction
04. Reality Blurred
05. Sealed Fate