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Sunstroke "Bloom At Night"


Philly's Sunstroke return with the follow up to last year's LP, "Second Floor/Seven". The new 12" EP, aptly titled "Bloom At Night", showcases the band's desire for progression. This release finds the band's sound expanding further into a unique blend of hardcore that holds true to the "Revolution Summer" brand, while highlighting some more subtle influences. The band has not only progressed sonically, but topically as well. While the last release saw Sunstroke taking aim at the ways of the world, "Bloom At Night" has a much more introspective approach in support of individuals tackling their own respective hardships. This EP firmly places Sunstroke at the forefront of an oncoming wave of modern melodic hardcore.

Track Listing:
01.Bloom At NightΒ 
02. Fall Risk
03. Aloof
04. Comadosed
05. Under Your Influence (Dag Nasty cover)