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Suburban Scum "Ultimate Annihilation"


Since 2010 SUBURBAN SCUM has toured abroad in support of multiple recordings, including their Infernal War EP with Ride The Fury Records, the 2012-released Hanging By A Thread EP on 6131 Records, a split 7” with INCENDIARY, a split 12” with XIBALBA and more. Their clear-cut delivery is elementally hardcore to the bone; completely enraged and outspoken, with enough metal to make its presence known and not overthrow the nucleus of the songs. They’ve made their presence known on tour with the likes of EXPIRE, ROTTING OUT, BACKTRACK, HARM’S WAY, BITTER END, DOWNPRESSER and many others, as well as their energetic performances at major festivals including This Is Hardcore, Sound & Fury, United Blood, Rain Fest and more.

Recorded, mixed and mastered with producer Will Putney at the Machine Shop in Belleville, New Jersey (BODY COUNT, VISION OF DISORDER, THE ACACIA STRAIN), Ultimate Annihilation delivers SUBURBAN SCUM’s tales of life’s harsh lows with more vibrant depth and devastating clarity than any of the band’s prior recordings. Taking the band’s riotous, straightforward energy to new levels of ferociousness through a dozen crushing tracks of full-bore Jersey metallic hardcore, Ultimate Annihilation bears guest vocal contributions from Justice Tripp (TRAPPED UNDER ICE, ANGEL DU$T), Brendan Garrone (INCENDIARY), and Gregory Falchetto (THE MONGOLOIDS), and cover artwork by Jesse Schallart (SKELETONWITCH, XIBALBA, DISCOURSE).

Track Listing:
01. The Beginning Of The End
02. Ultimate Annihilation
03. Forced Through Fire
04. Zero Tolerance
05. Love And Hate
06. Pain Is Promised
07. Ready For War
08. Misery Loves Company
09. Six Feet Under
10. Watch It Burn
11. The Calm Before The Storm
12. Death Is Destiny