Wince "Media Prayer" - Deathwish Inc

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Sun Terrace


Wince "Media Prayer"

Out of Southern California's urban sprawl Wince come leaping, with buzzsawing guitars, thunderous rhythms, and raging vocals. Formed from members of the Sheds and Stickup Kid, Wince have an anthemic streak a mile wide and an energy to match, captured in raw form by Johnny Liu at Catacomb Studios in August of 2015. Sun Terrace Records is proud to present the results of these sessions, the debut 'Media Prayer' EP, with artwork by Nick Hamm from Citizen, on May 13th on both digital and limited 7"" vinyl formats.

Each record is hand numbered and stamped by Wince in three colors. All jackets were printed, cut, and assembled by Wince and STR. Each record comes with a digital download code.

Track Listing:
01. Bottom of the Barrel
02. No Catharsis
03. Transparent Son