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Starkweather "This Sheltering Night"

Starkweather was formed in 1989 with Todd Forkin on guitar, Harry Rosa on drums, and Rennie Resmini on vocals. Even in their embryonic stage their unique vision was lethal. Starkweather's progressive metal precision, hardcore grit, and experimentalism coalesced into a musical force. After releasing a demo through the then fledging tape trading circuit, Starkweather unleashed their 1991 debut album "Crossbearer". The release became an instant crossover classic, exerting far reaching influence over the hardcore/metal world of the day. "Crossbearer" paved the way for the hardcore/metal hybrids that dominate today's music community, ultimately changing the course of heavy music as we know it.Β  Throughout the 90s, sporadic live shows and hard to find releases added to their ever growing mysterious aura. In 1995, Starkweather surfaced again to release their "Into The Wire" album on the Edison Recording label (also early home to Coalesce, Overcast, Converge). The release cemented the band's reputation as visionaries. Soon after they released a sought after split 7"EP with Season To Risk, and contributed a track to the celebrated "Definitely Not The Majors" compilation before entering into a hibernation, or so it seemed... For nearly a decade, Starkweather flew just below the radar. More importantly they flew below the metallic hardcore explosion that was taking place on the grid. Not interested in running with any pack or being part of any scene, they veered out into the darkness, alone. Like the animal they are, Starkweather would still need to feed. The band made occasional live show and festival appearances before unleashing their "Croatoan" album on the Candlelight and Hypertension labels in 2006. The album was celebrated by fans of all sub-genres of heavy music and considered one of the best of that year by metal critics worldwide.

Starkweather again emerged to offering the world their latest full length "This Sheltering Night" on Deathwish. The album is a dizzying 11 song journey of unimaginable twists and turns, Featuring mesmerizing soundscapes from Sophia Perennis and Oktopus (DΓ€lek) alongside traditional Starkweather efforts, the album is as brutal and dynamic as aggressive music can be. Songs like "Broken From Inside" roll and mutate from crushing metallic riffs and into the serene. While songs like "Epiphany" and "Martyring" show a band as a giant at the height of their complex musical and lyrical power. Without question, after 20 years of progression and isolation, Starkweather stand alone as the heavy music world's true apex predator.

Track Listing:
01. Epiphany
02. Swarm
03. Broken From Inside
04. Transmit
05. All Creatures Damned And Divine
06. One Among Vermin
07. Receive
08. Bustuari
09. Proliferate
10. Martyring
11. The End Of All Things

First Press:
300 - Blue / White mix
700 - Opaque Blue
1000 - White