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Starkweather & Overmars "Split"

Overmars released numerous recordings, many of which have been reissued by the Crucial Blast label. Their brand of expansive musical darkness was breath taking. A bleak and barren mix of doom, metal tinged punk, and experimental hardcore. Bringing to mind later era Swans and Neurosis, while harboring a heaviness all their own.Β  Starkweather's legacy within aggressive music is legendary. Recorded at the same time as their "This Sheltering Night" album, their contributions here show a creative force at their most powerful. The complex "Armed Memory" shows Starkweather as tortured, jagged, and frantic as they've ever been. While their 14 minute epic "Nightmare Factory" is a layered metallic dirge of catastrophic proportions.Β 

Track Listing:
01. Starkweather - Nightmare Factory
02. Starkweather - Armed Memory
03. Overmars - Solitary - Following The Sperm Whale (Once Again)
04. Overmars - Last Sail Sinking

First Press:
300 - Clear
700 - White