Spiritkiller “Two Thousand Twenty Three” - Deathwish Inc

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Spiritkiller “Two Thousand Twenty Three”


Spiritkiller will make you move, but leaves behind the mosh-heavy content and instead focuses on the dynamics and coherence that was so prevalent in 90's hardcore. The band carefully aims to lock you into a groove with the use of solid drumming and catchy strings. Topping it all off is the mission to get some lyrics stuck in your head and ultimately view the music as a chance to promote some self-awareness. Featuring members of: Hundreds of AU, Endicott, Lariat, At War With Shadows, Black Kites, and more, this is thoughtful hardcore. This is Spiritkiller from Albany, NY.

Track Listing:
01. The Spiral
02. New Economy
03. Blind to Myself
04. Unconditional