Gatecreeper "EP + Split Tracks: 10th Anniversary Edition" - Deathwish Inc

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Gatecreeper "EP + Split Tracks: 10th Anniversary Edition"


After forming in Arizona in 2013, Gatecreeper amassed a significant, dedicated, and very diverse fanbase around the world pretty rapidly. Becoming known for their combination of creativity and brutality, as well as devastating live performances, these early songs cemented what would become the backbone of their undeniable sound. From there the legend has only grown as they have released several highly-regarded albums while touring the world playing alongside some of metal and hardcore's most notable acts. On this 10th anniversary release we find the 4 original tracks from their eponymous 2014 debut, plus songs from their out-of-print split 7"s with YAITW and TOAD, and their track from the 4-way split LP on Melotov. Completely remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin (Bongripper, Voivod, Khanate) and pressed at 45rpm for maximum punishment, the record also includes updated back cover artwork and poster insert.

Track Listing:
01. Void Below
02. Force Fed
03. Overdose
04. Slave
05. Poisoned Mind
06. All Your Sins
07. Carved Into Stone