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Soul Power "The Low End Fury"


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Soul Power is a San Diego based Straight Edge outfit that strives to make hardcore that is unapologetically on their own terms. Soul Power takes musical influence from bands like Outburst, Inside Out and Supertouch, while taking lyrical cues from the Native Tongues Movement. The band’s message is not a far cry from the progressive social commentary of their predecessors; however their lyrical sentiments implore logic and calculated action as much as they push for forward thinking and unity. The Low End Fury is the culmination of almost three years of writing and growth, both as musicians and as social commentators respectively. The record while passionate and often times angry, does it best to avoid being reactionary. When all is said and done Soul Power is straight up hardcore, through and through. With Low End Fury, you’ll recognize.

Track Listing: 
01. Steppin' Out
02. Uncommon
03. Chain Drop
04. Don't Lose Your Head
05. Think Tank
06. White Noise
07. The Ballad (or the Bullet)