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Spirits "Discontent"


Discontent", the debut LP by Boston straight edge hardcore quintet Spirits (x members of TEST OF TIME, NO HARM DONE, BEARTRAP, OFFSIDES, DAYTRADER, and more), is an unrelenting 24 minute listening experience. Musically, it is a natural evolutionary step forward following the bands self-titled 7 inch EP and it marks the first fully cohesive release on which Spirits have carved out a niche for their own melting-pot style of punk and hardcore with dashes of outside genres also thrown in for taste. An eloquent push in lyrical themes, ranging from deeply personal and introspective notations to observations on the current social and political climate pair effortlessly with the often urgent playing style of the instrumentation to create a truly unique release. The contents of the grooves on the LP are far from the only distinctive feature of the LP, as the record itself is housed in a tri-layer package. It starts with a vertical 7.5 inch wide printed wrap that, once removed, allows for the die-cut diagonally-opening jacket to be pulled apart, revealing the last but not least layer of a printed inner dust sleeve. With stunning hand-drawn artwork that lends itself to this notable design, the package as a whole is really something to behold. For Fans of: BATTERY / COUNT ME OUT / GO IT ALONE

ñThe art for Discontent is pretty unique, we think. It is a 7.5"; wide by 25"; long strip of paper with the black and white portrait of a girl on it. When that is slid off of the record, it reveals the same face behind it but with no skin. It is all just the muscle of the head and in full color. That jacket portion, instead of the typical opening on the side, is diagonally cut so that you have to pull either the top or bottom apart. From there, you see a skull that fits perfectly below each of the other faces on a printed inner sleeve. It is the idea of going through someoneÍs head and getting what is being thought about. The art was all drawn by a friend of mine, Hannah Medeiros.î - Charles Chaussinand

Track Listing: 
01. Discontent
02. Days of Light
03. Life of Fiction
04. Time Got Lost
05. Paid For Hate
06. Never Lose The Feeling
07. Searching For More
08. The Pledge
09. Inherent Greed
10. The Almighty Dollar
11. Displaced
12. Their Class War
13. The Restless Ones (No Future)