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Slow Code "Wastelayer"


Slow Code acknowledge their existence in a crumbling paradigm. Desolate and frustrated with the state of the modern world, plagued by the death throes of neoliberal late capitalism, ‘Wastelayer’ roils and stews in the uncomfortable position punk rock finds itself within inside the greater cultural milieu.

Consider the Seattle WA-based trio’s new LP their sonic attempt to navigate the paradoxes of 21st century life in the macro. Josh Hill’s drums throb and pulse, Amy Peterson’s bass digs low and careens through Charlie Wagner’s slash and burn guitar salvos, his vocals a lament urging movements against the encroaching darkness.

These are desperate pleas for solidarity amongst the downtrodden, from the galloping blitz of “Consumption- Based” and its earnest demands for unity, to the slow burn anxiety of tech-based communications in the haunting ode to the late Mark Fisher “Semi-ascetic,” to the centerpiece “No Grandchildren,” a ruminative dirge on the perils of accelerationist energy accumulation and its havoc wrecked on the globe and future generations.

The trio returned to Anacortes WA’s The Unknown, a re-purposed early 1900’s church, to track the LP with engineer Nich Wilbur in October of 2017, followed by mixing and mastering by Oakland CA-based Andrew Oswald from Secret Bathroom Studios in November of the same year. Glory Kid is proud to present to you this 10 song, 40 minute long player.

Track Listing: 
01. Access
02. Consumption-Based
03. Name Names
04. Destination Wedding
05. No Grandchildren
06. Put a Burden On It
07. Battlemage
08. Semiascetic
09. Shit Praxis
10. Flayed