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Sign Language “Madison & Floral”


Madison & Floral connect Sign Language to home in Ohio. It represents hope, loss, relationships, love, and uncertainty. Sign Language carefully built their first LP around these themes and emotions. In nine songs, the band drifts between each, approaching them in unique ways.

On songs like ‘Abide’ the back-and-forth aching and soothing vocals lead the track, revolving around a loving, yet bittersweet memory. On ‘Crumbling’, slower guitars and harmonies lead the song—then on ‘Only You’ or ‘The Nothing’, Sign Language lean on their post-hardcore roots, creating the most driving and heaviest songs the band has yet to make.

Sign Language has mastered their songwriting on “Madison & Floral”—fitting perfectly at home in the unique environment they’ve created.

Track Listing:
01. Madison Ave.
02. The Nothing
03. Abide
04. The Silence
05. Burning House
06. Only You
07. Crumbling
08. World Of Light
09. Unfamiliar