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Shipwreck AD "Abyss"

Shipwreck AD are a metallic hardcore band from the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts. The same small music scene that gave birth to Converge, Cave In, Ten Yard Fight, and many more hardcore oriented bands. They embody the same spirit of rage that drove Integrity, Ringworm, and Merauder to hardcore/metal crossover greatness.  With "Abyss", they delve even deeper into dark/apocalyptic artistic vision. In the opening seconds of "Squall" the band unleashes a tsunami that builds and crashes with hardcore force. Oozing with a dynamic ebb and flow, mid-album standout "Helix" shows their rage receding to a calm before the real storm roars in songs "Lotus", "Erebos", and their metallic closer "Zenith".

Track Listing:
01. Squall
02. Nereus
03. Samur
04. Beached
05. Helix
06. Miasma
07. Lotus
08. Erebos
09. Thaw
10. Ascent
11. Zenith

First Press:
300 - Silver/Blue inside/outside
700 - Blue/Black inside/outside
1000 - Silver/Black inside/outside

Second Press:
500 - Black